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Special Amenities & Services

Patients with Special Needs
For persons that speak a foreign language, are hearing impaired or wish to receive their health information in a language other than English, we provide effective communication through various communication devices including but not limited to Lifelinks Video Interpreting system, AT&T telephonic translation system or on-site interpreter services for your use while in the hospital. For patients with other disabilities, necessary accommodations can also be made through contacting the hospital operator at 410.535.4000.

Television and Telephone Service
Television service is provided free of charge. Local channels, as well as 16 satellite channels are available in every patient room. Headphones are available upon request.

Telephones are available in most rooms and by request. To make a local call, dial 9, 1 and then the number you wish to call. All long-distance calls must be placed collect, third party or credit card. To make a long-distance call, dial 9, then 0, then the desired area code and number. After a brief recorded message, an outside operator will come on the line to assist you.

Your family and friends may call you from outside the hospital. Please ask for the number for them to call.

In consideration of patients’ rest, incoming calls cannot be received after 9 p.m. In an emergency situation, incoming calls after 9 p.m. will be relayed from the hospital switchboard to the nurses’ station on your unit. Patients may make outgoing calls at any time.

Internet Service
To access our wireless network, select the WiFi-CalvertHealth Medical Center-Guest Network and accept the terms and conditions.

Mail and Flowers

As long as you have chosen to have your name listed on our patient directory, your mail and flowers will be delivered directly to your room. If you have already gone home, we will forward your mail. In the Intensive Care Unit, one small arrangement of flowers is permitted in your room.

Only mylar (not latex) balloons are permitted in the hospital. Friends and family can also send “e-cards” through the hospital website.

Newspaper Delivery

The Calvert Recorder is delivered free every Wednesday and Friday to all patients. Other newspapers and books are available through the gift shop or the guest services office.To reach the gift shop, call 8304. For the guest services office, call 8400.

Banking Services
For your convenience, a Bank of America ATM machine is located in the basement of the hospital, just outside the cafeteria door.
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